I believe in designing for the moment of truth –  Each product has it owns story and this story should be highlighted and served for the users furthermore the product shall amaze with appealing appearance and materials, surprise with hidden desirable details and provoke a small smile on the audience.
Whether I am designing a new product, a table, a mobile application or a logo, I am always open to new ways of improving, rethink and redesigning the user experience. Design thinking is a natural approach to solve an assignment and always believe in user centered solutions.


For my entire life I have loved doing anything and everything creative, and my education as an industrial designer has allowed me to challenge my imagination and begin translating it into reality. I am passionate about every aspects of design and I always strive to train and develope a multifaceted profile within DESIGN! So in the my daily work I design products within the telecommunication business at Jabra and in my sparetime I participate in various design competitions, creates motion design and design posters.


5 years ago I lost my hearing on my left ear and have ever since listened to the world in MONO sound.


Hope you’ll find what you looked for!